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Aristotle observed that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and that is certainly true of Zonie Property Group. Individually each of our directors is the best in his field; together we work as a like-minded team to set new benchmarks for today's lifestyle. There is no changing our formula; each project is developed on its own merits with a view to making it the very best it can possibly be.

Zonie has our own building company - Zonie Constructions + Design Pty Ltd - founded and incorporated in 1988 as part of the Zonie Property Group. Zonie ensures the ever-increasing demands of the property market are not just met but invariably exceeded. We pride ourselves on providing ntelligent design and the highest possible quality of build in all our projects.
We are one of Sydney's most energetic and capable developers, with a string of stunning and successful projects to our credit. Focusing predominantly on multi-density residential from Eastern Sydney and the CBD to the North Shore, Northern Suburbs and the Inner West. We place high importance ensuring that the location is 100% right and the trademark quality of our projects is never compromised.
Right from the start, Zonie has had the investor in us - safe in the knowledge that by doing everything exactly right, we would undoubtedly secure a positive return on our investments. Zonie has invested in residential, retail, industrial, commercial and serviced apartment projects, showing a diverse portfolio. Location is of absolute importance to us and success.